Save your princess with only one jump.

Jump on enemies to reach the end of each stage.

Made for GMTK gamejam 2019


New version: Bug's correction, new bounce mechanics and Tileset glitch fixed up.


Download 10 MB


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Interesting mechanic, but it is held back by the controls. Though I'm still trying to find a good 2D movement controller myself.

It's really cool idea, and making a multiple bounce combos is very satisfying, but i just feel that movement is too slippy , at the level 3 , 4 every time i died and i didn't press the restart button ,it take me to the main menu
Good Game Pal

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I found out this bug after I builded. But now it's resolved. Soon I'll posted the version without bugs

I didn't know what to do at the start, and the controls are a bit too heavy for my liking, but it's a fun concept!


Making a jump combo is a cool concept!